Building an Infield Section
Bill Tillman
Turn 1 Grand Prix Legends

These pages will provide you with a tutorial on how to use OneTwo3DO to build a track section for Grand Prix Legends. GPL does not come with a built-in 3do editor. It takes patience and a lot of work. With practice, you will enjoy building your own track and all its objects.

First you need to do Tutorial 1. You need to get "My Track" for this tutorial, compile it using trk23dow/dof and have a mytrack.3do file to use. If you have not associated 3doEd with the *.3do file type I advise you do so as double clicking is alot faster than opening the program everytime you need it.


 1. OK, here is the default view of my track as it comes up in 3doEd.


(Click on any image to see a larger version)

 2. Next we position the object for easy reference.I usually do NS 90 to get a top view.  
 3. Next we position the orient the object for easy reference.I usually do EW 0 to get a square view.  
 4. Next we switch to wireframe view in order to see the individual polygons.  
 5. Now we want to find the first node and anchor point for our section. Place the square cursor directly over that point, double right click the left cleck. Select the view center option. The track will shift position and be ready to zoom in.  
 6. Here we have zoomed in to get a better view of the point we want information for.  
 7. Now we want to double right click the point again and left click. This time select edit point, go to the last section listed [3 of 3, or 12 of 12 whatever number is there]. Since the track is flat this vertice should have a z=0 value. For OneTwo3DO we will use 0.0 for the z value.  
 8. Here we see this vertice has 7 points. Why? Because there must be a wall an its polygons at this point.  
 9. Ops, my statement above is not an absolute sometimes the last vertice is not zero. Things like this happen, so its a good idea to always be aware of them so that later down the road you don't get confused and know that it is easy to correct. In fact during this exercise I didn't correct the 0.0 z vertice till I was in OneTwo3DO putting together the section.  
10. Here is the way I work when getting point information. I start with a new vertex file, this one is named mytrack.vtx. By having the notepad file on the desktop next to 3doEd I can go back and forth quickly and get all my point entered.