When GPLEA relased the track editing tools, there was one very important thing missing:
An easy-to-use tool to create NEW 3DO's from scratch.

To make it worse, I volunteered to make a unique grand stand for an upcoming track (Norisring SteintribŁne), but after messing around with the tools, I wasn't really willing to cope with them.

I then decided to write something myself.
Being a graduated mechanical engineer (note: not a software engineer) this was quite a task.
For programmers, let me say that my last program (the biggest that far) had a total of 2 small self-written units, and this one went up to 34 units, like a rocket. I wonder how many the next one has. I'm already loosing overview a bit ;-)
So when you find strange behaviour in OneTwo3DO, please keep my lack of "professional" programming skills in mind and be patient.
(A tester once said that I'm acting like a "real programmer" already, blaming the user ;-)
During this development period I also noticed that an "Access violation" is not necessary a fault of Microsoft. But, of course, that does not change my position to Microsoft in any way ;-)
Well...Anyway, I started in december 2000 and as I write this, it's July 2001....
Update: It's october now...;-)

With the existance of Phil's ASE23DO tool I'm now able to release this version.
My 3DO writing routine is not finished yet, but as a workaround the included ASE23DO can be used to actually write the 3DO file (= assemble the 3DO-tree) from the given data.
Furthermore, Phil made a special version for me which allows "automatic in-line 3DO writing" from OneTwo3DO.

Not long before the release my beta-tester asked if he should complete the SteintribŁne.
As he was "grown into" the program, I wasn't able to keep him from doing it... ;-)

OneTwo3DO is freeware, but as it will propably save a lot of time in the long run, I do accept donations of any kind (...from your wifes... ;-)