People who are responsible:

  • My friend Lou "Universal-Beta-Tester" Magyar, for valuable info, tips, testing, testing, testing and testing.
    (he wanted to be abused as Pre-Alpha, Alpha and pre-Beta tester too... ;-)

  • And for THE Icon !

  • Lou's boss, for not caring about the above ;-)

  • My ICR team-mate Joachim Böddeker, for some programming tips and additional testing.

  • Jordan Russell for the Installer

  • Klaus Hörbrand, for some tips and pointing me into the right direction.

  • Bill Tillman, for additional testing and contributios.

  • Phil Flack for providing all the 3DO format information and ASE23DO.

  • Not to mention Papyrus, for making GPL (and the others).
    Due to the "open format" and all the updates I really doubt that GPL will be outdated within the next few years....